The test is used for screening diabetic nephropathy. In the test, the ratio of urine albumin to creatinine is measured.


It is recommended to collect the first urine of the morning as the sample for testing.

Physical stress can increase the excretion of albumin. Avoid physical stress the evening before the sample collection. Do not collect the sample during your menstrual period. You can start collecting urine when two days have passed since the end of visible menstrual bleeding.

If you have a sudden urinary tract infection, take the sample when you have recovered.

Sample collection

Wash your hands carefully.

Remove the sample container lid. Do not touch the inside of the container.

Let a little bit of urine run before collection. Do not stop the stream of urine. Collect the urine sample (2/3 of the cup). You can let the rest of the urine run into the toilet.

Replace the lid tightly. Put the container on the table and peel off the lid label. Do not open the sampling tube cap. Press the sampling tube cap first all the way against the sample container needle until urine flows into the tube. Wait until the tube is full.

Dispose of the sample container.


The tube can be stored at room temperature (max 2 days) or in a refrigerator. The sample will keep for 6 days in the refrigerator. Do not let the sample freeze!

Deliver the sample to the laboratory as soon as possible.

Further information

For more information, please contact the customer service of Fimlab Laboratoriot Oy, tel. (03) 311 74445 on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or the customer service of the Ostrobothnia region, tel. (06) 213 1626 on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.