Tampere: Kuninkaankulma on weekdays Mon–Fri at 7–15, Hatanpää on weekdays Mon–Fri at 8–13, Linnainmaa on weekdays Mon-Fri at 8–13, and TAYS outpatient clinic laboratory on weekdays Mon–Fri at 7:30–12.

Akaa: Akaa Health and Well-being Centre laboratory on weekdays Mon–Fri at 7:30–11.

Nokia: Nokia laboratory (Maununkatu 12), on weekdays Mon-Fri at 8–13.

Jyväskylä: Sample collection centre on weekdays Mon–Fri at 7–15 and Hospital Nova on weekdays Mon–Fri at 7–15.

Hämeenlinna: Central Hospital Laboratory on weekdays Mon–Fri at 8–12.

Lahti: Aleksanterinkatu laboratory (Fimlab Aleksanteri) on weekdays Mon–Fri at 7–15.

Vaasa: Vaasanpuistikko laboratory (Fimlab Vaasanpuistikko/Fimlab Vasaesplanaden) on weekdays Mon–Thurs at 7–15 and Fri at 7–14, and Vaasa Central Hospital laboratory on weekdays Mon-Fri at 7–15.

Pietarsaari: Pietarsaari laboratory (Fimlab Pietarsaari) on weekdays Mon–Fri at 7–14.

Service locations and opening hours

Nopsa allows you to get a blood test without appointment booking, registration or queue ticket. Experience stress-free sample collection in the middle of a busy week: sit down, take a breath and enjoy the views and sounds of nature.

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Nopsa’s spacious sample collection room ensures a comfortable visit without compromising your privacy. All samples are processed and analysed expertly and reliably at our central laboratory in Finland.

Nopsa is perfect for you if:

  • you are giving a blood sample
  • you have an electronic referral from public health care
  • you have your identity card (e.g. Kela card or driving license) with you
  • you are an adult or a young person.

Book an appointment or take a queue ticket if:

  • your referral includes other tests in addition to the blood test
  • you have a referral from OmaLabra or a private doctor
  • you are dropping off home-collected samples
  • the sample is taken from a child.

How Nopsa works:

1. Nopsa-pisteellä asioidessasi sinun ei tarvitse ilm1. You do not have to register at the counter.
2. You can find the Nopsa point by following the signs. The personnel will help you, if necessary.
3. You have arrived at the Nopsa point:

  • Sit down to wait if the light is red.
  • You can enter when the light is green.
  • Hang up your coat.
  • Have your Kela card or other ID ready.
  • Sit down to wait for the nurse.
  • Roll up your sleeve.

Get a blood test without appointment booking, registration or queue ticket at Nopsa and experience stress-free sample collection!