Sample collection instructions for remote testing

You can collect the sample when at least five days have passed since exposure (unprotected sex). Take the sample at least two hours after your last urination. Do not wash the urinary meatus before sample collection.

Sample collection 

1. Urinate into the sample container with a spout included in the package.

  • It is important to collect the first-stream urine.
  • Stop when the container is roughly half full. You can let the rest of the urine run into the toilet.

2. Pour urine from the container into the tube included in the package.

  • The surface must settle between the lines on the tube. Do not fill the entire tube!
  • Replace the cap tightly.    
  • Dispose of the sample container. 

Delivery for examination

3. Place the tube inside the plastic bag included in the package with an absorption tissue. Close the bag. Put the bag in the cardboard package.

4. Fill in the sample collection information (date and time) in the form provided in the package and put it in the package with the sample.

5. Close the cardboard package. It is recommended to secure the package with tape. You can also use the sticker that comes with the package.

6. Write the sender information on the package: name and address.

7. Send the package to a laboratory by post. The remote testing package is usable for four months.