Test price: EUR 4.40

You can order this test yourself at an affordable price and without a doctor’s referral

Order a blood glucose test easily by adding it to your personal referral at the bottom of the page. You do not need a doctor’s referral for the test, but you can order any test in OmaLabra’s selection by yourself. You can flexibly pick the laboratory and time that best suits your location and schedule.

Blood glucose is measured from a blood sample, which is collected after fasting for 12 hours. Do not consume anything other than water for 12 hours before sample collection. You can take your medications normally in the morning.

You can choose to receive the test results for these tests via text message to your mobile phone. Please inform the nurse about this when arriving for your appointment to ensure that your phone number is recorded in the system before your test appointment is saved.   

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Abbreviation: fP-Gluk 
Test number: 1468

A blood glucose measurement indicates the post-fasting blood glucose levels. If fasting blood glucose is elevated, the person should contact a healthcare professional to assess their need for further treatment. Diabetes cannot be diagnosed based on a single blood glucose test, but requires several blood glucose tests.