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Celiac disease is a condition in which gluten contained in cereal products causes damage to the lining of the small intestine. The symptoms of celiac disease can be very mild, almost invisible, or very severe. The most effective method to diagnose celiac disease is enteroscopy, during which a biopsy is collected to detect the mucosal damage to the small intestine caused by celiac disease. Antibody tests from a blood sample are also effective, as they are simple to perform. The results that they provide make it easier to select which patients should undergo enteroscopy if celiac disease is suspected. Antibody tests are also useful for assessing the success of the treatment.

Tissue transglutaminase,
IgA antibodies

Abbreviation: S -tTGAbA 
Test number: 1885

The primary examination performed from a blood sample to diagnose celiac disease and monitor its treatment is determining the presence of tissue transglutaminase antibodies.