Test price: EUR 10.00

You can order these tests yourself at an affordable price and without a doctor’s referral

Order long-term monitoring of blood glucose easily by adding it to your personal referral at the bottom of the page. You do not need a doctor’s referral for the test, but you can order any test in OmaLabra’s selection by yourself. You can flexibly pick the laboratory and time that best suits your location and schedule.

Hb-A1C indicates the average blood glucose level during 1–2 months before an examination. Blood glucose monitoring at a laboratory at every 3–6 months, for example, complements self-monitoring and helps with treatment planning.

You can choose to receive the test results for these tests via text message to your mobile phone. Please inform the nurse about this when arriving for your appointment to ensure that your phone number is recorded in the system before your test appointment is saved.

Note! Ordering a test does not include a laboratory appointment. Once you have ordered your tests, please also book an appointment to your nearest laboratory.

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Haemoglobin-A1C, glycated

Abbreviation: B -Hb-A1C 
Test number: 6128

Hb-A1C, or glycated haemoglobin, indicates blood glucose levels over a longer period of time.