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Cervical screening (Pap test) is a test performed to detect cervical cancer. Cervical cancer can be controlled well by screening because it takes many years to develop and it has microscopically detectable precursors.

The main cause of cervical cancer is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), also known as the wart virus or condyloma virus. Other risk factors such as early sexual activity, multiple partners and smoking also contribute to the development of the cancer. The cancer mostly occurs in population groups that do not undergo screening.

Booking an appointment for a Pap test is mandatory. 

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Cervical screening

Abbreviation: Pt-Papa-1 
Test number: 4044

Cervical screening (Pap test) examines cells detached from the vagina, uterine orifice and cervical canal. A cervical screening sample cannot be collected during menstruation. This test requires a separate appointment. Please be prepared to provide your preliminary information (such as the dates of your latest period, any hormone replacement therapy or other treatment).

The test results will be ready around one month after the sample was collected. The results will assess e.g. the success of the sample collection and any cellular changes. Please contact your doctor once you have received the test results and they will interpret the results for you.