Service description

Fungal tests are performed, for example, to diagnose and exclude infections, and to determine clinical response to antibiotic treatment. Specimen can be collected superficially from the skin, nails, hairs or ears. Deep samples are collected from tissue biopsies, body fluids, pus or secretion samples, lung samples or deep ocular specimen.

Preparing for a fungal test

  • How to prepare for the test?
    • In the event of a rash, no topical antifungals should be applied to the area for two weeks prior to the test.
    • If the sample is collected from a nail, treatment with topical antifungal agent is discontinued 6 weeks before sampling and treatment with antifungal nail polish 3 months prior sampling.
    • In the event of a skin infection, oral antifungal medication should be interrupted a month before the test, and in the event of a nail infection, 6 months prior.


  • Who will interpret my test results?

    Please note that the doctor treating you is always responsible for interpreting the results. Consult your doctor if you have any questions regarding the results.