Delivery of laboratory testresults and invoices to private customers

By default, your laboratory test results and invoice for the service will be sent to your primary home address in Finland shown in the Population Information System. If you have accepted Fimlab as a sender of e-invoices in the OmaPosti service, the results will be sent there automatically. The results and the invoice will be sent separately.

Note that results and invoices will only be sent:

  • in Finnish and to addresses located in Finland.
  • to the customer only (the letter will be addressed to the customer’s name)
  • to one Finnish address

Delivery to an address not in the Population Information System

For an additional fee, it is possible to have the results or invoice delivered to the customer to a different address in Finland, as specified by the customer. The additional fee is 10€ and will be charged separately for both the results and invoice that were sent to the address specified by the customer. The customer must provide the different address to the nurse that collects the sample before the tests are recorded in the system.

Customers under non-disclosure for personal safety

If a customer is under non-disclosure for personal safety and has not provided the Digital and Population Data Services Agency with a contact address, no usable address will be available in the Agency’s register. As of January 1st, 2018, the Register Offices will no longer deliver mail to customers under non-disclosure for personal safety. If the customer is under non-disclosure for personal safety, they must, before the sample is collected, indicate an address where the results and invoice will be sent. There will be no additional fees for customers under non-disclosure for personal safety for using this service.

Payment commitments

Fimlab’s services can also be used with a payment commitment. The customer must either have with them the payment commitment or precise information on where the commitment can be viewed (e.g. internet address). The payment commitment must be either a general commitment that is downloadable on a municipal website, as an example, or clearly addressed to Fimlab. Please note that payment commitments addressed to the health centre of your municipality of residence or summer residence cannot be used for Fimlab’s services. The payment commitment must clearly indicate the payer and the billing address.