Test price: EUR 15.20

You can order lipid tests yourself at an affordable and price without a doctor’s referral

Order a lipid profile and cholesterol test easily by adding it to your personal referral at the bottom of the page. You do not need a doctor’s referral for the test, but you can order any test in OmaLabra’s selection by yourself. You can flexibly pick the laboratory and time that best suits your location and schedule.

Lipid profile is not just a cholesterol test, as it also includes the most important examinations which assess your lipid metabolism as a whole.

Lipids are analysed from a blood sample that is collected after fasting for 12 hours. Do not eat anything or drink anything other than water during the 12 hours before sample collection. You can take your medications normally in the morning.

You can choose to receive the test results via text message to your mobile phone. Please inform the nurse about this when arriving for your appointment to ensure that your phone number is recorded in the system before your test appointment is saved.

Note! Ordering a test does not include a laboratory appointment. Once you have ordered your tests, please also book an appointment to your nearest laboratory.

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Abbreviation: fP-Kol 
Test number: 4515

An elevated cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for coronary disease. Others include excess weight, high blood sugar and hypertension. High cholesterol increases the build-up of cholesterol in artery walls and results in coronary calcification. Those with high cholesterol levels should see a doctor or a nurse for examination in order to determine the best treatment

Cholesterol, high density lipoproteins

Abbreviation: fP-Kol-HDL 
Test number: 4516

HDL or “good” cholesterol absorbs cholesterol from tissues and blood vessel walls and carries it elsewhere, thus promoting the regression of atherosclerosis.

Cholesterol, low density lipoproteins

Abbreviation: fP-Kol-LDL 
Test number: 4599

LDL or “bad” cholesterol transports cholesterol to tissues and blood vessel walls.


Abbreviation: fP- Trigly 
Test number: 4568

Triglycerides are the most important stored energy source of the body. They accumulate in lipid droplets found in the fat cells of adipose tissue. Increased triglyceride level may constitute a risk factor for arterial diseases.