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Thyroid tests reliably at your nearest Fimlab laboratory

The thyroid test package includes the following tests: thyrotropin (TSH) and thyroxine, free (T4-V).

Order a thyroid test easily by adding it to your personal referral at the bottom of the page. You do not need a doctor’s referral for the test, but you can order any test in OmaLabra’s selection by yourself. You can flexibly pick the laboratory and time that best suits your location and schedule.

You can choose to receive the test results for these tests via text message to your mobile phone. Please inform the nurse about this when arriving for your appointment to ensure that your phone number is recorded in the system before your test appointment is saved.

Note! Ordering a test does not include a laboratory appointment. Once you have ordered your tests, please also schedule an appointment at your nearest laboratory.

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Abbreviation: P -TSH 
Test number: 4831

This basic test is intended especially for those who with a suspected underactive thyroid. 
The sample should be collected between 7:00 and 14:00 and before the next dose if you are taking medication, unless the care unit has instructed otherwise. Due to diurnal variation in TSH, monitoring samples should be collected around the same time of the day to ensure the comparability of the results, whenever possible.

Thyroxine, free

Abbreviation: P -T4-V 
Test number: 4832

This basic test is intended for those who with a suspected underactive or overactive thyroid.