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Vitamin D test reliably at your nearest Fimlab laboratory

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Why should I have a vitamin D test?

A comprehensive vitamin D test performed at a laboratory will reliably reveal whether you receive enough vitamin D, which is essential to your body.

Vitamin D in plasma 25(OH), or 25(OH)D, is examined to detect any vitamin D deficiency or overdose. Vitamin D is produced by UV light on the skin, and 25(OH)D formed in the liver is the main metabolite of the vitamin in the bloodstream. 25(OH)D levels are a good indicator of the body’s vitamin D stores and vitamin D intake. The levels are susceptible to seasonal variations, as they reach their peak in late summer and are at their lowest in mid-winter. Vitamin D deficiency may cause rickets in childhood, which leaves the bones soft as the amount of calcium is insufficient for proper bone formation. A corresponding condition in adults is called osteomalacia. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble substance that can accumulate in the body when overdosed and cause severe toxicity. Plasma levels above 50 nmol/l are currently considered an adequate intake of vitamin D, whereas levels below this indicate vitamin D deficiency. However, vitamin D levels above 80 nmol/l are recommended for bone health, but values above 120 nmol/l should be avoided. Plasma levels above 375 nmol/l indicate vitamin D toxicity.

Vitamin D 25-OH

Abbreviation: S -D-25
Test number: 1220