Both private and public healthcare customers can download and use the Fimlab mobile application free of charge. The mobile application will replace our text message service in the future. The application shows your test results from the past two years.

In the application, you can view your test results securely. To use the application, you must verify your identity using strong authentication: you need your personal online banking codes or mobile certificate to log in and view your results.

How the results are shown in the app:



In addition to the mobile application, your test results will be sent to the healthcare unit responsible for your care. If you have consulted a private doctor, you will receive your results by post. 

You can also request your results by text message.

Available examinations

Not all laboratory examination results are available in the mobile application service. You can only view the results of certain basic laboratory tests. 

Test results currently available in the mobile application

These were chosen because guiding customers in the interpretation of their results and planning of follow-up treatment is easy. The list of available examinations also includes common regular examinations, such as blood sugar and Marevan check-ups. 

If you cannot find your examination on the list below, you will receive your results as usual through the health care unit responsible for your treatment or, if you have consulted a private doctor, by post.

Service policy

The Fimlab mobile application is currently available to Fimlab customers in Pirkanmaa, Kanta-Häme, and Central Finland.

If you are getting tested at a Fimlab laboratory in Pirkanmaa, Kanta-Häme, and Central Finland you can download the Fimlab mobile application to your phone before the appointment. The application will show you the results after your appointment. You can find the free application by searching for “Fimlab” in the application store. 

If your mobile operating system is Android, download the application from Google Play. 

If your mobile operating system is iOS, download the application from AppStore. 

When your test results are ready, they will appear automatically in the mobile application (if the examination is available in the application. See the list above.). Please note that different examinations may be completed at different times. It is possible that the application does not show all the results at once. 

Fimlab Laboratoriot is not responsible for any delays in receiving the results due to connection issues attributable to network operators or the customer’s subscription. 

Please note that the Fimlab mobile app works in devices with Android version 10 or iOS version 15 or newer. There will be no updates or technical support for devices which have older operating system versions. You can continue using the app even with the older versions, but you will not be able to update the app. 

The mobile application will be made available to our customers in Päijät-Häme and Ostrobothnia in the future. We will inform our customers of this later.

Use the Fimlab mobile application securely: log in using your personal online banking codes or mobile certificate to view your test results. The application does not save any data to your phone.