Urine is more concentrated in the morning, this is why it is best suited as a sample for urinary diseases. A day time sample may be used in diagnosing a urinary tract infection.

Starting at 10 p.m. the previous night, you should not eat, you may drink up to 2 dl of water. For a reliable specimen, urine should be in the bladder for at least 4 hours. The sample is taken in the morning. If you have to go to the toilet during the night, wait for at least 4 hours before taking the sample.

You may take the sample at home

You will be given instructions and a sample container and tubes from a nurse. (Picture 1)

It is important to wash yourself

– Wash your hands thoroughly. (Picture 2)
– Spread your labia. Wash your outer genitals with running water or a wet paper towel wiping from front to back 4 times each time with new paper. Do not use soap. Dry with a paper towel wiping from front to back. Use a clean paper each time. (Pictures 3-5)
– If you are menstruating or have other discharge, you may use a tampon when collecting the urine sample. Blood or discharge will contaminate the sample.

– Wash your hands thoroughly. (Picture 2)
– Draw back your foreskin. Wash the head of the penis with running water or a wet paper towel 4 times, each wipe with new paper. Do not use soap. Dry with a paper towel. (Pictures 3-5)

Avoid touching the inside of the container as bacteria from your hands may contaminate the sample.

A mid stream sample is best

To collect the sample first pass some urine into the toilet then without breaking the urine stream collect the sample into the container, 2/3 full is enough. Pass the rest into the toilet. (Pictures 6-8)
Give the container to the nurse. If you are at home follow the instructions in pictures 9 and 10.

Picture 9.  Close the container and remove the sticker on the lid. Place the container on a table. Push the test tube top first on to the needle. The needle will pierce the top and the urine will flow into the tube. Fill all the tubes you have been given.

Picture 10. Turn the tubes up side down 4-5 times to mix the sample.

Identifying the sample is important. Please fill in the following:

Name: ______________________________________
Personal ID number: _________________________
Before collection you avoided eating for ______ hrs, and drinking for _____ hrs.
You previously passed urine __________ hours before this sample.
Date and time of collection: ______ / ______ at _________ o’clock.



Collection of mid stream urine, females (pdf-file 455 kb)
Collection of mid stream urine, males  (pdf-file 411 kb) 

Further information

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